Are you struggling to remain updated on your child’s welfare while they are in the nursery? Meet mytoddlr!
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mytoddlr is a mobile parenting and early childcare service uniquely built for you. Imagine a world where despite your busy schedule, your precious little one is only a few taps away. Imagine you could easily track your child’s development and daily activities, share important, memorable moments in your child’s day. Imagine you could ensure your child’s security and easily communicate with the nursery. Well, imagine no more, your child’s personal assistant is here!
mytoddlr helps you keep in touch with different moments from your child’s day, from activity logs, to meals, nap times, photo sharing and even video sharing. Whether you’re at work, at home or even away on holiday, mytoddlr is an entirely new way to stay in touch with your little one. With mytoddlr, you never miss a thing.

The Process

The digital economy is here. The way to manage your nursery has fundamentally changed.